About Me

I am constantly learning, probably as a result of a lifetime involved in education!  My interests are varied, and include writing Catholic poetry, songwriting (very recently, I don't have much experience yet), amateur photography, and amateur gardening

As you can no doubt see, I'm a very practiced amateur.  

I believe we can constantly improve, that we can never truly say we have learnt all we can about a particular topic, there is always so much more to discover.

Some areas of the site include new work.  In order to access them, I would ask that you register and login.  My work is very important to me and is a part of my identity.  

I am sure you can appreciate how much it hurts for people to take my work and try and pass it off as their own.  

Despite it being infrequent, it has happened before, and therefore I take the precaution of not putting new work on a public area.  I'm sure you can all understand my reasons